The Potters Bar Society
Registered Charity No.1087470

President: Mr. Ronald W. G. Smith Chairman: Teresa Travell

Local News

Potters Bar Station Subway

National Rail have announced that they be repairing the broken drain that causes the subway to flood in heavy rain. This is a major task as it requires the track to be lifted. The work will b e unders taken in the coming months.

Society Coffee Morning 2018

The Society Coffee Morning will be held at Tilbury Hall, 10:00 am on Saturday, February 17th, 2018.

Theft Of Wooden Sculptures From Oakmere Park

In 2016, Oakmere Park had a a group of three wooden sculptures installed, a fish, a swan and a giant acorn with oakleaves. Earlier this year the fish was stolen, now sadly in September or early October the swan was also stolen.

Telephone Scam

Local residents have been receiving scam telephone calls claiming to be from HMRC. The calls are usually recorded messages stating that the resident owes tax and that legal action is being taken against them and advising them to call a number to speak to their case officer. There are variations on the scam where the call is not a pre-recorded message. The call usually attempts to get the victim to purchase vouchers including iTunes and pass the details to them to collect payment.

Beware, Tree Thieves About!

We recommend that residents of Potters Bar keep an eye out for tree thieves. The recent tree felling and subsequent planting of new sapling trees has resulted in an opportunity for tree thieves. A newly planted tree in Strafford Gate at the junction with The Walk, was stolen within days of having been planted. The new trees are vunerable as only just having been planted the soil is loose and the trees are easily removed.

Potters Bar Station Staffing

The Potters Bar Society is concerned about the proposed ticket office closures that would have affected Potters Bar Station and wrote to our MP, Oliver Dowden CBE, to alert him to our concerns.

We pointed out three problems that our members and committee members had either come across or witnessed.

  1. That it was difficult to buy concessionary tickets from the ticket machine and if you were successful in buying a concessionary ticket it will not go through the machine at the barrier. So if the barriers are not open you have a problem.
  2. The machine is not the best place to the find the cheapest ticket available for your journey as you need a ticket to get on to the platform, so having a staff member on the platform would not be helpful.
  3. Disabled people, especially those who are blind, would find it difficult to use the machines.

Our MP responded very quickly to confirm that he shared our concerns and he continues to campaign for ticket offices to remain open for exactly to reasons we outlined.

He stated that Govia had changed its plans to close ticket offices in Elstree & Borehamwood and Radlett. Mr Dowden had made firm representations to the train company because he knew the importance of the service to passengers from the correspondence he had received and the conversations he had had on the platform.

We hope that his influence will extend to Potters Bar and out ticket office will remain open.

Storer's New Planning Application

Chas Storer's waste paperyard are applying to extend the yard into the adjacent timber yard. For details see Mary Cook's article Storer's

Lady Elizabeth Byng Playing Field

There has been a lot of concern in the town about work being carried out on the land between the Barnet Road and Sunnybank Road. See the article entitled "Land at Sunnybank".

Police at The Wyllyotts Centre

The Wyllyotts Centre police office has reduced it's opening hours and is now only open on a Wednesday from 12:00noon until 1:30pm.

Society Newsletter

The Society is making the newsletter available in electronic format for those that are interested. If you wish to receive the newsletter by email, please email your name and address to the newsletter email address given in the newsletter.

Darkes Lane Post Office

The new sub Post Office, opposite Sainsburys, has now opened. The decision letter reviewing the Darkes Lane Post Office has been received by the society, read it here: Post Office Decision

Potters Bar Society Country Group

The Society Country Group is currently without a chairman so meetings are in abeyance for the moment. Both the post of Chairman and the post of Walks Co-ordinator are currently vacant and the society is looking for volunteere to fill these positions.