The Potters Bar Society
Registered Charity No.1087470

President: Mr. Ronald W. G. Smith Chairman: Teresa Travell

Walks Programme

A series of walks looking at local countryside and making use of local footpaths.

If you are interested in furthering your knowledge and understanding of the local environment in and around Potters Bar, then these walks should appeal.

Our aims are:-

  • To foster people's interest in the local area.
  • To keep local rights of way in use.
  • To include people with a wide range of ability.
  • To make our walks accessible by public transport, where possible.

Date    Meet at:    Approx.  

Sun Mar 20th    1:30pm at the 'White Hart' PH South Mimms.     
Route:    Walk Pursley Farm via Catherine Bourne. Return via Ridge.    7.2km 4.5m 
Telephone:    01707 643832     
Sun Apr 3rd    1:30pm at Bell Bar - Great North Road/Woodside Lane/Bell Lane junction     
Route:    Walk Grubbs Lane, Woodside Place Farm, Harefield Wood, Duncans Wood to Wildhill and return via Westfield Lodge.    8.8km 5.5m 
Telephone:    01707 851498     
Sun Apr 17th    CANCELLED     
Route:        km m 
Telephone:    01707 851498     
Sun May 1st    1:30pm near farm at Highfield Lane, Tyttenhanger (TL180056) Postcode AL4 0LE.     
Route:    Walk Verulam Golf course, tea stop at St Albans Abbey and return via River Ver, disused railway, Highfield Park.    10.5km 6.5m 
Telephone:    01707 264689     
Sun May 15th     1:30pm near Five Horseshoes Pub, Little Berkhamstead SG13 8LY (292 0787). Park near cricket ground..     
Route:    Walk Bayford, Culverwood House and return via Epping Green.    8km 5m 
Telephone:    01707 643832     
Sun May 29th     1.30pm at the junction of Santers Lane and Baker Street Potters Bar (TL 245006).     
Route:    Walk Bridgefoot - Bentley Heath - Wrotham Park - Sawyers Lane.    6.4km 4m 
Telephone:    01707 655732     
Sun Jun 12th    1.30pm at Newgate Street Playing Fields car park (outside Village Hall and opposite church) (TL 301050).     
Route:    Walk through Ponsbourne Park to Old Claypit Farm, then Bayford and Epping Green on Hertfordshire Way and return.    10.5km 6.5m 
Telephone:    01707 851498     
Sun Jun 26th    1.30pm at White Hart PH South Mimms.     
Route:    Walk to and around North Mymms and return.    8km 5m 
Telephone:    07712 932373     
Sun Jul 10th    1.30pm at Brookmans Park railway station - Station Close.     
Route:    Walk to Bell Bar via Potterell's Farm, Peplins Wood and the Legg. Return via Gobions Wood    8.8km 5.5m 
Telephone:    01707 851498     
Sun Jul 24th    1:30pm at Pooleys Lane, Welham Green AL9 7LF (TL 230059). Park opposite bungalows.     
Route:    Walk Places & Spaces in North Mymms Walk 3. Tollgate Farm, Waterend, Potterells Farm. Return via Bulls Lane and Foxes Lane.    8km 5m 
Telephone:    01707 264689     
Sun Aug 7th    1:30pm at Gobions Car Park, Moffats Lane (Jonas Way) AL9 7RW (TL 249039).     
Route:    Walk Places & Spaces in North Mymms Walk 4. Bell Bar, Welham Green. Return via Bradmore Lane and Bluebridge.    8.8km 5.5m 
Telephone:    01707 264689     
Sun Aug 21st    1:30pm near The Woodman PH Wildhill (TL 263 068)     
Route:    Walk Barbers Lodge Farm, Nine Acre Wood, Essendon Brook, Harefield Wood.    8km 5m 
Telephone:    01707 643832     
Sun Sep 4th    1:30pm at bus stop at junction of Church Road and Osborne Road Potters Bar (TL 257021)     
Route:    Walk to Thornton Road, Leggatts Park to Gobions Wood. Return via Hawkshead Lane, Boltons Farm and Mountway.    6.4km 4m 
Telephone:    01707 655732     
Sun Sep 18th    1:30pm at North Mymms Church (TQ 223044)     
Route:    Walk to War Memorial, Tollgate Farm, Colney Heath Farm to Coursers Farm and return via Redwell Wood Farm, Potwells and Cangsley Grove.    8.8km 5.5m 
Telephone:    01707 851498     


  • All walks start at 1:30pm.
  • In the event of adverse weather conditions please telephone the number given for the walk as it may have to be cancelled.
  • Walks from March will include a break.
  • Non-members are welcome.
  • All children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who will be responsible for their care.
  • Walkers are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:
    • You should not walk ahead of the walk leader without invitation nor leave the group without advising the walk leader.
    • You are responsible for carrying your own supplies including first aid equipment, any required medication and adequate water.
    • You are responsible for ensuring your fitness and preparedness for the walk. This includes suitable footwear with adequate tread and appropriate clothes eg to avoid bites/stings or sunburn. If in doubt about your fitness or the requirements of the walk, please contact the leader for advice prior to the walk.
    • People with medication needs and/or disabilities which may cause problems during the walk must also contact the leader prior to the walk.
    • On public roads where there are no footpaths, you should normally walk on the right hand side of the road in single file. When crossing fields, you should normally stay in single file.
    • Any dogs should be kept under control and not allowed to interfere with the walk.
    • You should not leave any litter.